During 2011 we had the opportunity to visit Sirius Corporation plc. The company started life in 1998 as an open source systems integrator with a single purpose: to see how far open source could sustain an enterprise.

13 years later, the company today is a fully fledged lifecycle services company. Its most recent portfolio addition addresses customers’ operations concerns. Sirius offers three distinct support programmes:

  1. basic support with business hours cover and 4-hour response for severity 1 issues
  2. professional support with 12-hour cover during weekdays
  3. enterprise support with 24 hour cover, every day and 15 minutes response for severity 1 issues

Sirius also offers managed services that cover functions such as network management, help desk, desktop management and application management to complement its consulting capabilities.

Value-driven support and managed services

Sirius is the smallest of the twenty companies in our maintenance review. Its approach highlights how maintenance and managed services could be designed, before expensive layers of marketing and sales need to be funded. Further, as with all open source services providers, there is no ‘product’ license to create a baseline. For its corporate, SME, education and public sector clients, this approach represents value for money.

Open source solutions have many supporters, among them global powerhouses like Red Hat and IBM. However, specialist firms like Sirius will continue to flourish as they address the specific operational needs of medium sized clients, who usually prefer to engage with locally based business management teams.

Image credit: Matt Katzenberger

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